Hotel Atlantis
Fira - Santorini

A glittering all-white marble façade with an emblematic array of arches mesmerizes visitors at first sight preparing them for a truly unique experience. On the interior of this imposing shell that exudes the timeless allure of Cycladic style guests will discover a surprising oasis of tranquillity despite the hotel’s central location in Santorini’s capital city.

Just a stone’s throw from Fira’s bustling centre and surrounded by some of the island’s finest restaurants, most vibrant cafes and night venues, shops, banks, bus and taxi stations, as well as the Archaeological Museum, Atlantis displays an even more valued asset: its direct access by car -an extremely rare privilege for Santorini’s visitors, who do not need to carry their luggage on the caldera to reach the entrance of their hotel. Conveniently situated right on a small square next to an imposing Cathedral, Atlantis boasts the best location in Fira!

What we offer

Volcano & Sea View
Comfortable rooms
Swimming pool
Free Wi-Fi

Caldera view, Comfort & Luxury

Exuding tranquil sophistication and discreet luxury, each of the hotel’s 25 guestrooms opens either onto a private balcony or a large window offering breathtaking views of Santorini’s stunning seascape, the caldera, the volcanoes and the vineyards.

Unique experience

Breathtaking volcano-ocean-caldera view - Hotel Atlantis
Breathtaking volcano-ocean-caldera view
Atlantis is widely considered a vantage point for travellers visiting Santorini partly due to its unique breathtaking volcano-ocean-caldera view, while being accessible by car when the long and steep stairs are considered almost inevitable for hotels situated on the coveted caldera.
High standard facilities & services - Hotel Atlantis
High standard facilities & services
Steeped in its own long history, the Atlantis Hotel features all the facilities and amenities expected of a luxury retreat while focusing on romance, well being and authenticity. Take a look at the Hotel Facilities and Guest Services provided by Atlantis Hotel in Fira, Santorini.
Santorini island - Hotel Atlantis
Santorini island
Santorini is an inexhaustible gold mine of captivating secrets waiting to be discovered. Whether you opt for an adventurous exploration on your own or a tour by experienced guides, we will help you indulge in the island’s unique ambiance.

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