Santorini island

Sometime around 1630 BC, the wrath of the Gods gave birth to a mesmerizing crescent moon shaped piece of land embraced by the endless blue of the Aegean, 120 miles southwest of mainland Greece. The irony is that it was a catastrophic eruption that created one of the planet’s most coveted horizons dominated by the figure of a formidable and seductive volcano.
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Every year, its inhabited caldera attracts more than a million travelers, who seek the thrill of an encounter with nature’s most untamed side. A blend of Greek drama, legends, fire, wind and light fascinates its spellbound visitors who seek romance and life-time experiences. Nature’s extravaganza is matched with the sophisticated hospitality of an iconic hotel, built in the 1950s by an insightful shipping magnate and his wife on the island’s most privileged location...

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